About Us

Morris Electrical Contracting Services, LLC (MECS) is a local family owned Electrical Company co-founded by Scott Morris and his wife April. They are joined currently by their son Zac Morris whom has spent four years learning under his father. Scott and April met in Flagler Beach in 1991 they were both in their teens and married in 1994. They are proud parents of three sons and one daughter that reside in Palm Coast, Florida.

Scott started in the Electrical trade in 1994 and has never looked back since. He began his career in Volusia County working in the Commercial Industry, moving on to the Residential Industry with a local well known contractor in Palm Coast. There he learned and excelled in the residential wiring practices for the next ten years. Eager to expand his knowledge he dove back into the Commercial Industry with a Contractor based out of Jacksonville, Florida; where he spent his next sixteen years learning wiring practices in the Commercial and Industrial industries. Along with that came the opportunity to be the active superintendent on many large commercial projects such as Assisted Living Facilities, Movie Theaters, Grocery Store franchises, Multi-Family Residential Communities, and much more.

He and his family are excited to bring their expertise and quality of work to every job they take on!